Our Products

Test Center

Online testing platform. Create and deliver tests online easily. Load your Question's Database with multiple-choice questions or fill in the blank questions. Add images to the questions. Define the exam structure and create as many exams as you want. Monitor the performance of the applicants. Review your questions: detect and adjust outliers.

Ckeck-in Tracking

Track your employees hours in the office. Install our app on an Ipad and place it at the office entrance. Ckeck-in and Ckeck-out using only 3 letters. Get charts and reports of your staff's attendance history.

Vacations Tracking

Have all your staff planned vacations in the same calendar page. Promote regulatory monitoring and compliance with little effort. Benefit from a fully automated vacation scheduling and approval workflow.

Project Management

Organize all internal processes in projects and tasks. Create budgets and assign employee-hours to tasks and projects. Track the progress of your projects and accuracy of your budgets. Fine-tune your budgets during the progress of a project. Get reports and benchmarks for everything that is happening in your company.


Manage clients and suppliers. Record and access all interactions with your clients and suppliers. Get live news from your sales department and get their latest estimates on future sales.


Manage all financial data involved in your company activity. Access sales data by product, product category or costumer location. Store expenses information segmented by type, entity/supplier and company unit. Get up-to-date reports on each department's revenue, expenses and profit. Perform bank accounts reconciliation and be assured of the correctness of your data.


Issue tailor made documents: invoices, credit and debit notes, payment receipts, payroll receipts.

Custom Managment Tools

We can work with you and build the management tools that best fit your needs. Take advantage of our expertise and bring forward your own ideas.


If you have your own tools, Excel SpreadSheets or Microsoft Access applications, share them with other people using our business app platform. We will help you implement our API's on your desktop apps and you will be ready to start profiting from your working tools.

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